Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Painted Striped Curtains

I have the Pinterest bug... bad, and even worse, I have been "nesting" and bugging my husband with tons of Pinterest ideas.  Painted curtains was one that I figured I could do on my own during my little man's "snooze" time and preschool preoccupying my toddlers.  I wanted to make a change in my children's bathroom, so this link really inspired me. M.E. Beck Design is brilliant. I love her style and everything she does. Check her out!

Cutest little helper resting peacefully.

What you need? 
tape measure
painters tape

My curtains are from Target... but I bought them new at GoodWill for $3.99 each!
These are 84" panels... I marked along the sides every 6" and then matched each mark with the tape.  I painted every other space with the roller and gray paint.

I really like how they turned out... especially for a whopping $7.98! I thought I wanted 96" panels, but these are perfect.  Since they have grommets that fit on the pole... you will have to tack or sew a liner in, but totally worth the extra step if you go the grommet route!

Now for the rest of the house!