Monday, October 8, 2012

For the Boys... A bedroom perfect for adventures!

The boys did come first... before all the pink princess stuff.  Joe's nursery was in primary colors and transportation themed. We were very happy with how it turned out with all our thrifty finds and generous gifts from Grandma. Matthew's nursery was softer and farm-themed with the sweetest rug!  When it was time for Brooke to arrive, the two boys moved in together.  And they share this space.  With another boy on the way, and my "Nesting" bug... I am determined to get their mural done... It has been a work in progress a little too long.  The mural was inspired by artist, Jessie Hartland. 

The pirate ship is the newest addition and a special surprise for the boys.

I have been working on the farm... we added a pond and some more homes and docks...
Just recently added the log and puppy in the reeds...
One of the original boat docks...

How can you get this LOOK?

Thomasville dresser- free from Craigslist, we painted it navy
table and chairs- from Grandma, w/new spray paint on chairs (WalMart's generic spray paint are perfect for PBK look-alikes)
tab top curtains- Pottery Barn Kids
Pottery Barn rug- on clearance and was $175
airplanes on ceiling- from HomeGoods
Hot air balloon- made by Authentic Models
Camp dresser- $180 each from Pottery Barn Kids outlet in Memphis (totally worth the trip)
we painted the ceiling, just like we originally did in Joe's nursery, but without the details... I would really like to put fiber optic lighting into the ceiling and it might be on my to do list still.

Please don't forget to vote for Dawn's "Princess Pallette" on Apartment Therapy's Room for Color 2012 Contest... so I can "nest" some more!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Nesting! Decorating a Nursery and Master Bedroom

My daughter's nursery is a finalist in the Light Division in the Color Contest. If you have a moment, register on Apartment Therapy for great Decor ideas and "Favorite" the room.  The room with the most votes by October 29th wins!  When I had some "Nesting" ideas for our home... my husband said, "Good luck with that!" Well, I called his bluff, and now I am honored with being a finalist!  We have a 3 bedroom ranch... our 2 boys share a room, and our dd has her own little palace, so with Baby #4 on the way... looks like he will be sharing with us for a while until he hangs with his big brothers in their big space!
My "Nesting" ideas entails tackling the Master Bedroom and Family Room, which would then re-shuffling the finished basement.  In my mind it's simple!  Repaint the master with a shade of gray, stencil a focal wall with a damask pattern or even birch trees. There's a great post on stenciling here.

 Get new lighting fixtures, or make them.
I love this Seychelles chandelier from Serena and Lily... 
I really like the idea of some yellow accents... Look at this dresser and the redo here.
And the baby might be with us in the Master for a while... our babies tend to be on the small side and fit the bassinet for a good few months... it's fun looking at fabrics and I completely fell in love with this fabric due in December from designer Sarah Watts for Blend fabrics.
Last, but not least, I would make a mobile from these sweet ornaments found at Pottery Barn.