Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Creative Space, The Craft Room where I create!

This was my "Craft Room" a few years ago, decked out in green and yellow.  I have always wanted a room to create in since I was a little girl.  I spotted these built ins on Craigslist for $150!  My dad and hubby went and picked them up from the seller and they have become the creative corner of my  little creative world.  It was when I found out I was expecting a sweet little girl that my creative world exploded with color, lots of it, and FABRIC!  OH, the wonderful world of fabric.  WARNING: fabric shopping can be addicting.  OK, I warned you.  My favorites are Hancock's of Paducah, Quilt Home, Fat Quarter Shop, and if you want to find deals... Fabric Donkey lists sales and coupons.  Check Twitter too. Amy Butler's Lark was 50% off from a Fat Quarter shop Tweet! If you are looking for something specific.  Try ETSY.  I try not to spend more than $6.00 a yard, which is do-able if you shop right!  If you have a favorite place to find fabric... please leave a comment and share with us!
Jennifer Paganelli is an amazing fabric designer and author who is having a Photo Challenge. This week's challenge is your favorite use of color in your home. First of all, those who know me, know I love a photo challenge!  I was inspired to clean up my creative space to share with you were I create... it is full of all colors, and of course, GW, HomeGoods and Craigslist!
I found this white hutch and dresser at a garage sale for $40, and it came with these gorgeous hand painted ceramic knobs... which were worth more than the furniture... so all in all, great find! 

I am a fabric junkie... so many talented artists and designers...  I have to have at least a yard of each.

Other than the fabric... I found the plates and peacock at GW.  They spoke to me and for  a couple of dollars,  I have some colorful items that make the space pretty.
She holds extra needles or little odds and ends that I don't want little fingers to find.

About 10 years ago, HomeGoods had these gals with big bare feet designed by Laura Kelly for Blue Sky and I just love them.  I have a few smaller ones in my kitchen with vegetables and the garden sweeties are watching me create.  I have one hugging gladiolas, see if you can spot her!

I love this kitty, bright green, 70's looking planter... either way, she's mine and she cost $1.00!

That lantern was in my $2.00 grab bag from Michaels! Plate from HomeGoods, and little lamb from GW!
I love having containers to organize.

Here it is... I am working on a few things to hang on the walls, and might paint down the road, but I love the color, color, color... it inspires me.  I hope something here, inspires you!

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