Sunday, February 10, 2013

Special Stuffed Animals for my Sweets double as Tooth Fairy Friends!

In my previous post, I highlighted my daughter's secret pal.  I have been working on little lovie pals for my children while on bed rest in the hospital.  They have recorded messages from me on the BAB "Say it with Sound" recorders.  When my children feel blue or miss me, they have their soft friends they can cuddle on, hear my voice, and they have little pockets so they can double as tooth fairy pillows! A multi-tasking mom creating a multi-use stuffed animal!  Each pillow friend reflects my children's personality, meet them and the tutorial that inspired them...
Here is my mini craft room in the hospital.

It all starts with a sketch... The robot is for my son, Matthew.   This robot was inspired by this tutorial.

I wanted to make a doggy for my son, Joe... when I gave him a clue to his special pal... he excitedly squealed,  "A DRAGON!" Yes, of course.  This little guy was inspired by this stuffed dragon I saw on ETSY.

This was for my little girl... Her favorite colors are pink and purple, so Jennifer Paganelli fabrics had to be the way to go!  This bunny was inspired by this tutorial...

These little pals were fun to make... there are details that are hand-stitched that I could do while in bed. The majority was sewn on my machine. They have made the time go by quickly, and now each of the kiddos have one of a kind pals.  My husband says that my 2 1/2 year old daughter played hers the car ride home from the hospital laughing!  He says my son, Matthew, slept with his and kept playing his message over and over.  Joe got his today and he hugged on him.  I love being a mommy and am grateful God has blessed me with them.  We will soon add one more blessing to the clan. I wonder what kind of pal he will have?  

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