Friday, March 15, 2013

Easy Sugar Cookie Decorating for a Special Occasion

I love food writers, especially for my little artists, and what could be more fun than writing on cookies!  For Birthdays and special occasions, I love an eye popping dessert table more than anyone, but sometimes it takes that fun out of the party and changes the focus.  For my son's 5th Birthday, I made our favorite sugar cookies and covered them in fondant cut outs with the same cookie cutter.  The fondant creates mini canvases for the kids to color and draw.

You can find food doodlers or food writers in the baking section of any craft store.

 Everyone had fun decorating the cookies.  We wrote special birthday messages for the birthday boy... we drew pictures of our most recent FAVORITE movie, "Wreck it Ralph" and just created for fun and they taste good too!

Make these for any special occasion.  Try them... 
for the kid's table at Thanksgiving... they can draw what they are thankful for.
Valentine's day... draw Valentines
an art party
any Birthday party
for a rainy day and the list goes on... my infant is ready for a feeding, so I am signing off!

B. Inspired!

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