Saturday, June 8, 2013

Making Fairy Gardens: Upcycling broken clay pots... Pinterest Inspired

The other night, the entire family was in the car on the way to ice cream... "Stop!" I said, and my husband backed up the car.  I had this "pin" in the back of my mind that was perfect for my boys... these are the pieces we found in our neighbors "treasure" by the curb.  My son, J, says... "Mommy, did you hit the jackpot?" YEP!

here are the pieces we found...

This was inspired by a few pins found on pinterest... we created this one trying to "copy" and then the boys got creative...

I found that filling the pots with sopping wet soil was the easiest rather than filling with soil and sprinkling to get wet... but really that is the fun of it.  just keep adding pieces and soil and see what you get... the steps are easy to make, take long rectangular pieces and press into the soil.

The boys like breaking up pieces for steps...

we added some sedum and plan on adding other details, but for now... this is what we have.

The best part was being creative and creating with my boys.

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