Monday, August 6, 2012

Easy Peasy, No Bake Cake! Personalize Your Child's Birthday Cake with Their Imagination!

It was my oldest son's 6th birthday! I just can't grasp where the time has gone.  He is going to begin Kindergarten in the Fall, so we have postponed his birthday party so that he can include some new school friends, but we couldn't celebrate without making his real day special.  We headed to the local grocery store and let Joe pick out a cake and a cake kit.  You can buy the cake topper characters without the huge cake.  Joe chose a 1/4 sheet cake that was less than $15.00.  We took it home and added some special touches.
The water is sparkling food gel with some blue food coloring and I just spread it in the corner.
Added our safari and jungle grass.  We used Pillsbury vanilla frosting. I add some powdered sugar to thicken it up and coloring.

Added brown grass and green grass, along with the cake kit animals we bought at the grocery store.

My sweet son added the giraffe from his personal collection of animals.  The giraffe is eating leaves from the tree.
He is the sweetest boy. I am happy he is happy with his cake! It was fun to let him add animals and his creative ideas. The personal touch made it special!

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