Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Special Springtime Button-Themed Birthday for 2!

I have been a do-it-yourselfer for years! Flashback fun will have to be a weekly blog with all the fun handiwork I have dipped into.  Where to start? My Aunt Marie's 70th Birthday back in March shared with my dd Brooke.  I love throwing a party, and having a dessert table is every party's centerpiece! The inspiration for this party was a button fondant mold that I purchased at Michael's, and the rest fell together.
Here is the dessert table. I love the color scheme.  I purchased the yellow tulips at ALDI for $4.88 each and they lasted until Easter.  The white tulips were from the $2.00 grab bags that I have blogged about before.  
I made the bunting for the cakes with scrapbook paper.  The  white cake plates are from HomeGoods and Marshall's. I do interchange the ribbons to match the party colors.  I also love using candlesticks and glass plates, which is what I did for my wedding centerpieces.  Another flashback to blog about in the future!
My children love marshmallows and dipping them in colored chocolate on lollipop sticks makes a really quick impact for a dessert table.  Not a lot of prep time for a pretty impact.

I like having the inside of the cake to be a fun surprise.  Colored cake is so easy... take white cake batter... separate into different bowls and add coloring.  Mix in pan and wallah!  

I sent out tags to family members far and wide to celebrate my Aunt's birthday.  I used my Cricut machine to cut tags out of pretty scrapbook paper.  I have my dear sister to thank for getting me hooked on my paper cutting machine. Check out her awesome blog and shop here

I found these cute frames at GW for .25 a piece and I have about 30 of them.  I spray painted them and placed fun photos celebrating 70 years!

A special celebration indeed!

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