Friday, September 28, 2012

Trick or Treat! A Monstrous Halloween!

I am one of those mommies that starts to think about Halloween at the beginning of August!  My kiddos enjoy being part of a theme.  Last year, they were all monsters! I couldn't do all 3 from scratch... so I hit my favorite stores!  At Once Upon a Child in Ballwin, MO... I found the butterfly costume for $6.50 and Sully was $10.00.  I had to have them!  If I were to buy the fabric it would cost way more than that!  We found Cookie Monster at the Thrift Store for $4.00... and there you have it 3 warm costumes for $20.00!
This was the first Halloween that Brooke really understood that she was getting candy at each door! Look at her patiently waiting for our neighbor to answer the door!

I added green claws to "cookie monster", a green striped belly, orange nose, purple horns, 2 white teeth, a puff of blue hair, and one eye!  For "sully" we covered the claws with purple fleece, striped the horns with purple and orange, added 3 teeth, orange nose, and the spikes in the back are purple too!

This one-eyed flower monster cracked me up!  I added blue fleece to the belly, made the pants from scratch and hand-sewed flowers on the pants and top!  The eye had black felt lashes and "blue eye shadow" with 3 rounded teeth!  It was warm on a cool night and tickled my heart. My 3 monsters!  Go find a costume and customize it to your child's liking.  My children had a lot of fun picking out the colors and designing the faces!

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