Sunday, November 11, 2012

Personalize your Party with Special Hand-made Touches

This post is long overdue, but an important one because nothing makes the holidays and birthdays more special than the excitement of your children! My sweets get so excited when my husband or I have a birthday.  They have this idea that there will be cake, games and a pinata!  For my 37th birthday in April, I thought it would be fun to make MY birthday about THEM. Why? Because they are my gifts.  What did we do? How did I try to make it fun? Take a look... 
First, they decorated my birthday cake with fondant and food coloring makers.

Fondant flowers made by my little artists!

We decorated with excess party plates and centerpieces they made themselves.  These beauties were made with $2 Michaels grab bag florals and modge podge tissue papered pickle jars! They felt special helping prepare all the decorations.  We always have fun preparing for parties.  I do try to keep them involved and not worry too much about perfection, more about the process!  Must be the art teacher in me!
We used Pirate Treasure beads and colored tissue poms to color up the dining room.  So funny that my kiddos like "Pirate Treasure"!

Brooke couldn't wait to get a taste. Everything looked so colorful and pretty.  Our blue table cloth is bundled fabric from the thrift shop... $2! My son drew a picture of us dressed as Pirates for the birthday sign!
The children made a treasure pinata too! 
Here is a Treasure map of our home.  I cut it into pieces and put them in the pinata!

They had a great time putting the puzzle pieces together... The puzzle pieces were in the pinata!  Wouldn't you know that my dear dad put in $100 in the pinata without me knowing.  What a SURPRISE when they kids popped it open. I was thinking they would find puzzle pieces and tootsie rolls. 
The treasure map directed my kiddos to these wrapped presents throughout the home.  I love the fancy chair for our  Princess that I found at HomeGoods!

Whoopie pies with pretty sprinkles on the dessert table.
Honestly, one of the best birthdays ever was inspired by these special kiddos and the look on their faces made it all Perfect.

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  1. Fantastic decorations. Love all the colors and how the kids helped!! The treasure map was especially awesome. :)


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