Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas Family Treasures, Make the Most of your Time Together this Holiday Season

I must admit I like having things in their place, but that is difficult when you have 4 young children.  Being stuck in a consumer world, I have been sold on famous catalog pictures, clean furniture, no clutter and wanting my home to mock the photographs selling me a lifestyle.  The thing is, I love my life now. My children make me laugh, they inspire me, they make me who I am and are such a blessing- so, I ask myself... what do I want? When I can have the catalog family room, I will be missing my young ones wishing time hadn't gone by so quickly.  Embrace the mess, clutter and BE with your children.  Make it their home too.  Don't get me wrong... I still like the inspiration a catalog can give me, and still have some to do's because they are a hobby of mine, but I think my focus is changing. My thoughts are evolving.
I am guilty of having too many diy projects, too much cleaning and decorating- nothing ever feels finished.  This Christmas season, I want to make traditions, focus on the reason for the season and not feel so consumed with trying to make my home look like a catalog.  My favorite Christmas Tree in the home is our family tree with all the treasures and ornaments my children have made so I need to let go and take the same philosophy to every season and the rest of the home.

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