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Friday, November 22, 2013

Ethan Allen Inspired Teal Painted Buffet- How to Get this glazed aged furniture look

Finally got a project completed. It has been a while.  Making the home look nice and decorating are hobbies of mine... but it was time to put the projects aside and spend some time with the children. They are growing up so fast.  A priority inventory was necessary and the Fall is the best time to play outside.  We celebrated a special occasion and it was the perfect opportunity to get this project off the ground.  It is so easy. I visited our Benjamin Moore paint store... showed them an Ethan Allen catalog and said, "How can I get this look?"
we couldn't be happier with the final product... 

Started off with this buffet... I got it from my neighbor for $25. He was cleaning out his garage. I love the lines of this piece.

carefully took the handles off, cleaned it and then came the paint.

We need some new color in our home, and I love this blue!

The most economical approach was a flat Ben Moore paint...  

took 2 coats... then let dry.

Next step was to paint on the stain and then rub it off...

When I rubbed some of the stain off with a wet wash cloth... it removed some paint, and created the look I was going for... which was this Ethan Allen piece.

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