Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wreck It Ralph Birthday Party

My son wanted a Wreck it Ralph themed birthday party.  So I headed to Pinterest for some ideas... For our parties, cupcakes and sugar cookies are a given... and nothing fit better for my 5 year old than the hero heart cookies. You know the medal that Vanellope gives Ralph.  They are super easy to make... make our favorite dough, roll out, cut into hearts, cut the fondant into hearts as well (you can ice and flood) but the fondant is easier for me.  I wet the fondant with a paintbrush and water and sprinkled on sprinkles.  Last we iced the word "hero" onto the cookies.

For the treat table, we bought cotton candy I framed a printed clipart, we made cupcake toppers from Wreck it Ralph clipart... and of course the cake is fondant pixilated cybug scene!

We wanted to wreck Turbo because he is the bad guy. So Turbo is the perfect piñata! Happy Wrecking!

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