Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sweet Surprises, a peak into Brooke's Nursery

This post is for a dear friend that was enamored with Brooke's nursery and is expecting a sweet bundle soon.  Little blessings just warm my heart! After two boys, it was dreamy designing and hunting for finds that would fit a room made for a sweet surprise.  My favorite place for inspiration is PBK. My favorite places to shop... HomeGoods, Hobby Lobby and Michaels, and of course a garage sale or two, Goodwill and Craigslist!  (Always use that 40% off any one item coupon from HL; it is so easy to pull up on a smart phone and competitors honor it.)
First, I saw in a popular children's furniture catalog a nursery that had a crib in the center of the room with a tree branch hanging over it, and I just loved it and thought... if I ever have a girl, I am sooo doing that.  Well this is my finished product.  I purchased the branch from Pottery Barn during Christmas time, and I spray painted it white.  At Michaels, I purchased dogwood branches and used 2 different colored flowers.  The little birdcages are from Michaels too, and I found the two birdies on top at a garage sale NIP (new in package) for $0.25!

When I found this at Hobby Lobby in the gardening section, I knew it would be perfect for a canopy holder.  First, I spray-painted it and then hand painted the little birdie on top.  Look for shapes.  Color can always be altered with a can of spray paint.

I found this at HomeGoods for $4.99 and it was just something I couldn't leave the store without. A good rule for HG is... if you like it, buy it, because if you go back for it, it might not be there. 
Some of the finds here were in a Michael's grab bag for $2.00. YES!  During a seasonal change, Michaels had grab bags for $2.00 each and I bought them ALL.  When I tallied all the Original Retail prices it was over $600 of merchandise, and I paid $16!  I can't even tell you how often I use the items I purchased in these grab bags for seasonal decor in rooms, birthday dessert tables, and even Brooke's Christmas tree.  If you ever see the $2.00 grab bags, pick one up, you will be glad you did.  The planter is from Hobby Lobby and I was so happy that I found it!  It is made by a company called 222 Fifth St. and HomeGoods carries a lot of their china.  I don't think they make much that I don't like, but originally we had a salad plate on top of the dresser in the same exact pattern, but it broke.  What a great find and at 40% off, I think it was $8.00.
Brooke's crib bedding, made by my Aunt Jan.

Michaels was the place for the vase, and HomeGoods was where I found this lamp... perfect for this spot, less than $30 and tea light holder that holds some dainty jewelry for B.
Birdcages from Hobby Lobby at 50% off, florals from Michaels, birdies were from a garage sale, and the butterflies are from PBK.  They hang from the ceiling and add a little whimsy to a room fit for our sweet surprise.  When I started to make purchases, the room just came together.  If you find things online that you like, you can put them together and have fun with them at, be careful it is addicting.  I can't wait to share the rest of Brooke's nursery with you.  We used a lot of paint... Happy Shopping!

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  1. Brooke is a lucky little lady! So sweet! I love your gift of finding pieces from lots of different places and putting them together with your own special touches to make something so beautiful and unique!


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