Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Stockings with a touch of Personality

For our first Christmas as a growing family, I wanted to make something special for my husband and son.  I have a heart for a certain barn that doesn't necessarily sell pottery, so I used their gingham toed stockings for inspiration.  My husband and I bought a 70's dated fixer upper and he has been on project since... who would have thought that we have been here almost 8 years already!  The tool belt served well.  Christmas morning, I had this hanging on the mantel. I couldn't wait for him to see it.

I used wonder under for some of it, felt for other parts and and embroidery floss for details.
I made this one for our son.  We have two golden retrievers, so they are represented by the snow pups. I  still have some handiwork to do... but it holds candy and treats from Santa, so my son isn't too concerned about it.
By the time that our dd came along... I didn't have the same amount of sewing time available as I did with 2 children, let alone one... so we went to the barn and bought the fuzzy kitty and then I added some details.

She got a pink box-pleated ruffle in satin, pink bow, and a butterfly, and the lace collar on the kitty is from my baptismal dress my dear Aunt Marie made for me... I also added details to the kitty's eyes... they match my little Princess' blues.

Matthew, our second son, has the energy of a rocket and loved robots and the color orange.  So he got a robot snowman.  He really loves that his stocking has a rocket on it!  I love him!

Next year, we'll have another stocking for a baby boy!  I'll have to find the time to either personalize a store bought one... or start from scratch.  I love that ours resemble the style I heart, but have a little personal touch that sets our apart from mass production. I hope you do too!

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  1. I love ALL of them! Thanks for your hard work and creativity to make them so special. I enjoy looking at them during Christmas time.


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