Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies dipped in Chocolate

I love sugar cookies. They are a staple for special occasions our home.  I use a full proof sugar cookie recipe  found on and it makes a ton of cookies. I love the biscuit like texture and taste... and they bake perfectly to the shape of the cutter, they NEVER spread, and you don't have to chill the dough! EASY!  This idea for Christmas trees is from Pinterest and links here.
I enjoy my rolling pins.. this one is from Great Grandpa Raleigh.  I added regular green food coloring to color the dough.

A smart friend suggested when dipping anything in melted chocolate to use a mini crock pot and it is a very EASY thing to do!  I dipped one side, decorated with sprinkles, then dipped the second side.
I love sprinkles!  This batch made about 5 or so dozen.  It's a good sized batch, but they go fast!
These pink and purple ones are for my princess. She helped me with the larger ones.

My little pink and purple fan! She gives them a thumbs up!

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