Sunday, December 2, 2012

Decorating Gingerbread Houses!

It's a tradition in our home to decorate Gingerbread Houses for Christmas... this year we found some clearance Halloween kits for different shaped homes and my boys loved them.  The kits are a great start... to make things easy, I hot glue the houses together and let the children enjoy being creative.  I like to follow Bakerella's advice on having tons of different sprinkles on hand.  To spark creativity, some of the best things to spruce up your  gingerbread kits are... food writers, fondant and fondant molds! The kids had fun, made a mess, but it was worth it.
I am baking junky... I love having tons of sprinkles, a rainbow of gel colors, fondant, fondant molds & cutters and tubs full of cookie cutters and cake pans!  It gives me options and I love to share with friends.  Fondant is so much fun... it is like playdoh. Anyone can do it and Wilton's fondant molds are fantastic!  My children had a blast making different shapes.

Joe Joe's house (6 years old), Brooke's Creative Cottage (2 1/2 years old) and Matthew's Magical House (4 years old)...  They make my heart sing!

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