Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dresser Makeover into Bathroom Vanity

My inspiration for this project is this EJ Victor chest that I saw on Her blog is AMAZING.  

This is what I needed. Wood filler to fill in imperfections, base coat color paint, a color to mix with the glaze and then I used acrylics for the details.

This was a french provincial dresser that I bought for $20 from a craigslist ad.  I painted it navy blue for our second son's nursery, but when our baby girl came along, the boys moved in together and we had a navy blue dresser!  What to do?  We wanted to replace our bathroom vanity in the Master Bedroom, so my husband, Mark used his carpentry skills to transform the dresser into a vanity and it works well.  I really like the height of it.

On goes the first coat of paint

... and then another coat of paint.
Then I painted the trim of the drawers in a dark brown.
Next came some of the details. I made marks with a pencil and used a ruler to create the harlequin pattern, then free-handed the flower details. On the top two faux drawers I used a gold metallic paint, just for something different.

Then I started to free-hand the flowers.  At first, I didn't like them, but then the more I did, the more it came together.  Lesson learned: Don't give up... keep going and follow through with your idea.

A little more details to the flowers...

And here is the finished product, I ended up using the glaze along the sides of the vanity, legs and bottom.  Just follow the directions on the can... it is easy. Now, I am off to Hobby Lobby to find some great handles for the bottom 3 drawers.  Their furniture knobs and handles are always 50% off! And they have a few that resemble the ones at Anthropologie!


  1. Seriously, can we be best friends? This is awesome!!

  2. This is amazing, Dawn! The freehanded flowers make is look like a super-expensive boutique piece. Love it!


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