Saturday, June 9, 2012

Shirt to Shorties, another T-shirt Tutorial in 8 steps!

This t-shirt is a junior size, $1.50 at GW (red barbs were half off), so I am going to make shorties.
I always have an eye out for cute knits to up-cycle.
1. Fold the t-shirt length-wise and set your pattern.  I used an existing pair of leggings that I had for a pattern. Place the waist of the shorties along the finished edge of the T-shirt.
2. Use the existing fabric of the T-shirt to cut a wide strip.
3. Cut the wide band of fabric down the middle to have 2 strips for the ruffle.  Now, you should have 4 fabric pieces, 2 legs and 2 strips for ruffles.
4. On my machine, I can raise the thread tension and stitch length and get a simple gathered ruffle.  Gather both strips.
5. Place the gathered ruffles on the right side of the fabric, and sew along the gathering stitch.  
6. With right sides together, sew along the pant leg, and then sew the legs together...
7. Almost done, fold in the waist to make a channel for some elastic to suit your little one.
Ta-dah, too cute! Comfy and Feminine and fun for play.

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