Sunday, June 24, 2012

From Pants to Sweet Summer Shorts: An Up-cycling Tutorial on how to make Knickers!

These cute Gymboree pants were a find at my favorite store.  I love gingham... so I put them in my cart!
Here is the BEFORE... size 18-24 Gymboree gingham pants.
I picked a good spot to cut the sweet little pants.  Pretty much in the middle, but if you are going to transform some pants... do what suits you! 
Then I ran the cut edges through my sewing machine to make a gathered edge...
Next step is to find some fabric you like... I love polka dots!  This strip of fabric was about 29" long and about 3" wide, then I pressed it down the center.
I cut the 29" strip in half.  Then with right sides together sewed the strip to the gathered edge of the shorts... I started the strip of fabric at the inside seam... Look how cute! 
Don't stop there... add some details... I took a strip of white fabric... sewed to make a tube, then used this handy tool to turn it right side out.
Finish the edges by turning the seams inward and stitch.  I think I used about 14" to make the bow embellishments for the shorts.
Then add them to shorts.  Cute!  I love how they turned out.  Little whimsy, and a little classy... perfect for our princess!
They look great with her Minnie shoes... stay tuned for part 2... the halter top tutorial and 3 piece pattern. It's a darling halter!

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