Friday, June 15, 2012

Little Details: Brooke's Sweet Baby Nursery

In a previous post, titled Sweet Surprises, I shared with you some of the details hanging from the ceiling in our darling daughter's nursery.  Here's a peak at some more of my thrifty finds that made her nursery special.
Artwork found in clearance section of HomeGoods.  I ended up painting the frame pink because it looked better with our minty walls, but this was the perfect piece to go between the two closet doors.

I painted all of the doors a pale pink which really compliments the walls.  Originally I was going to paint all of the furniture a pink, but I decided to keep them an antique white and have pink details elsewhere.

I love the Windborg Sisters Design, so colorful and sweet.  For this spot, I created my own.  The frame and glass is from GW, I used the cardboard inside as the canvas.  First I sprayed a piece of cardboard with adhesive, then wrapped it in blue fabric canvas.  Second, I painted the background with the hues that I wanted in swift strokes.  Third, paint the branches, and last I cut out the birdies and flowers with scrap fabric and scrapbook paper.  I am very pleased with how this turned out.

Found this Cinderella coach in the gardening section at Hobby Lobby and I had to have it for an accent piece.  A can of spray paint and look at what we have... a doll bed.

This dresser was a fantastic find at GW.  $40! I couldn't believe it AND the best thing was that furniture was 25% off, so it cost me a total of $30.  I primed, painted it and the beautiful pink glass knobs are from Marshalls!  Each knob was approximately $2.00 each!  The second row of drawers has a knob on it almost exactly like Anthropologie for $8.00 each!  Don't forget that Hobby Lobby has an awesome section of knobs and handles and they are 1/2 off All the Time!  I plan on painting in that oval at the bottom of the dresser, but I'll save that for another post.

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  1. Yea! So glad you did a post about your cherry blossom picture - I LOVE that! Someday I will try to make one for myself. Thanks for the inspiration Dawn!!


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