Sunday, January 13, 2013

DIY Pink Play Kitchen perfect for girls!

What we have here is an old wooden play kitchen remodel.  It was flat, dinged up and had painted burners and black plastic knobs.  It has been princess-ized for our dd who enjoys hosting tea parties.  After 2 boys, most of our home has been dinosaur-ed, hot wheeled, cowboy-ed out, so the pink kitchen is perfect for our hostess.  It is one of her favorite colors.  

The old plastic tub sink was replaced with a shiny "stainless steel" dog bowl and the faucet is recycled from the main bathroom.   Glass knobs are from HomeGoods and stainless handles are from HomeDepot.  The pink is inspired by PBK!  I added some trim along the top and bottom of the sink to add some details.

The burners are wooden skewers with E6000 glue and silver spray paint.

Curtain fabrics are inspired by our dd's bedding and designed by Tanya Whelan and Bari J. Ackerman.

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