Thursday, January 3, 2013

Special Thrift Shop Story and Sweet Goodwill Finds worth Sharing!

With a busy holiday season, I haven't had time to hunt my favorite thrift stores.  Thrift shopping is an addiction (that is a major understatement)... so my oldest and I headed to the nearest shop yesterday evening, and I immediately spotted a delightful navy blue pram!  I could picture our dd pushing it at the park with her baby dolls and my camera wrapped around my neck.  HOW MUCH?  $6.00!  WOW!  My oldest was excited too, he says, "Mommy, I'll push it so no one else takes it!" Sometimes once you find one a treasure it is hard to focus on anything else... so I tried to refocus...while in the housewares aisle, an older man was approaching me... "Ma'm, ma'm..." He wants the pram, I thought.  I wanted to avoid the conversation but there wasn't anywhere to hide.  He had a $20 bill in his hand... I really wanted the pram... I wasn't giving it up, HOWEVER much to my surprise, he said he had such a blessed Christmas and wanted to give me the $20 to enjoy in the store.  I was sweetly surprised.  This was beyond my expectations.  "Thank you, but are you sure? I can't take this from you..." before I could add another word, he reached for my hand, and placed the bill in my hand, and told me to enjoy it as a blessing.  I thanked him again and could feel my face blushing.  I was embarrassed to be the recipient of such kindness.  What a blessing it was.  It made me think of how could I be a blessing to others during Christmas and all year round.  I am grateful that God is out there touching others and reminding me that I am loved too.  I don't know who the sweet older man was, but I am grateful he was the one that treated us to a few special treasures.  Last night, we purchased the pram for $6, and a few things for Brooke's Tea party... $3 daisy pitcher, $1 porcelain hold, $6 new crystal votive holder (will be a beautiful cake plate) and .50 cent tea pot.  They all go nicely with some of my previous thrift finds.

Speaking of blessings, I hope that this story is a blessing to you.  The thought of that evening tickles my heart.  The time with my son, that sweet, thoughtful man... our little treasures.  All of it!

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