Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Baby Countdown Craft for the waiting siblings... a paper chain

We are anxiously awaiting baby number four... nearing the due date deadline... it was time to countdown with a paper chain.  I have seen the idea for Disney vacation countdowns... reminds me of an advent calendar counting down the days until Christmas, especially with the holidays coming to a close... it will be exciting to see the chain get smaller.  I did find a cute pin on pinterest, so the idea is not completely original, but fun just the same.  Are you counting down to something special? a vacation? moving homes? starting a new endeavor?
We cut 8 big fat paper links to represent weekly markers... and 6 little links to represent the days in between.

Everyone helped put the chain together.

Here is the countdown to their new baby brother!
Our boys have it hanging in their room.  They can take turns until the little man is here!

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